GARMIN GT50M-TM Transom Mount Traditional and CHIRP ClearVu/SideVu Transducer

GARMIN GT50M-TM Transom Mount Traditional and CHIRP ClearVu/SideVu Transducer

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Name Value
Beam Traditional 26-15
DownVu 1.4x53 at 455kHz and .08x30 at 800kHz
SideVu 1.1x53 at 455kHz and .07x30 at 800kHz
Connection Interface 12-Pin Connector
Frequency Traditional CHIRP 85-165
DownVu and SideVu: 425-485 and 790-850
Material Plastic
Maximum Depth Traditional 1500 Feet
DownVu 750 Feet
SideVu 500 Feet
Sonar CHIRP Sonar
Multiple Beams
Variable Frequencies
Transmit Power 300 Watts Traditional
500 Watts DownVu and SideVu
Type Transom Mount

For the shallow water fisherman who want CHIRP traditional sonar, CHIRP ClearVü and CHIRP SideVü scanning sonar.

The GT50M-TM Transom Mount ClearVü/SideVü Transducer provides ultra-clear sonar pictures of objects, structure and fish that pass below your boat. This traditional CHIRP and CHIRP ClearVü/SideVü transducer is optimized for clearer images at shallower depths.

GT50M-TM includes a 12-pin transducer with mounting hardware and installation instructions. 


  • Style: Transom mount
  • Cable Length: 30'
  • Connector: 12-pin
  • Transom Angle: 0-70° transom
  • Monitors: Depth and Temperature
  • Material: Plastic
  • Transmit Power: CHIRP Traditional 300W; ClearVü/SideVü 500W
  • Frequency Range: CHIRP Mid-band (80-160kHz); ClearVü/SideVü CHIRP 455kHz (425-485kHz) and 800kHz (790-850kHz)
  • Max. Depth: Traditional: 1,500'; ClearVü: 750'; SideVü: 500'
  • Beamwidths: CHIRP Traditional (26°-15°); ClearVü/SideVü (1.1°x 53° @ 455kHz) & (0.7°x 30° @ 800kHz)
Mfg. # 010-01965-00

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