JABSCO 2.9 GPM PAR-Max Freshwater Pump 12V

JABSCO 2.9 GPM PAR-Max Freshwater Pump 12V

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JABSCO 2.9 GPM PAR-Max Freshwater Pump 12V.  
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Improved quiet on-demand pump with smooth flow.

On demand water pressure is great except it usually comes with the sporadic and annoying noise of the pump. Until now. Jabsco Par-Max series pumps have been improved and are further engineered to reduce noise, provide a smooth flow and eliminate pulsation. A unique mounting system isolates pump vibration from the fiberglass structure to eliminate any amplifying effects and reduce noise. To quiet the pump even more, a pulsation control has been installed to eliminate unwanted cycling. Finally, a three chamber diaphragm provides a smooth flow of on-demand water with a reduced need for an accumulator tank. This pump is ideal for boats with up to three fixtures. Get the convenience of a constant flow of pressurized water without the added noise by installing a Jabsco PAR-Max on-demand pump

Key Features

Improved on-demand water pump for boats with up to three fixtures

Vibration isolating mounts to reduce noise transferred into hull

Three chambered diaphragm pump provides smooth flow and reduces need for accumulator tank

Pulsation control to eliminate unwanted cycling and associated noise

Dry running capability

Self priming

Constructed using corrosion resistant materials

Ignition protected (ISO 8846)

1/2" fittings included

2.9 GPM PAR-Max Freshwater Pump, 12V

Amperage4.4 Amps at 12 Volts DC
Activation MethodElectric Non-Automatic
Capacity2.9 Gallons per Minute
Dimensions4.75" Height x 4.24" Width x 9" Length
Voltage12 Volts DC
Warranty DetailsThree Years