LELAND Inflatable Life Jacket Rearming Kit, Automatic, 38 g., 1/2" Threaded

LELAND Inflatable Life Jacket Rearming Kit, Automatic, 38 g., 1/2" Threaded

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Name Value
Diameter 1/2 Inch Threaded
Capacity 38 Grams
Type Auto
Warranty Details One Year
**Note** This will be shipped ground due to Hazardous Shipping

Rearm your Inflatable life jacket with this rearming kit from Leland.

Rearming kits are essential as they add another season of use to your inflatable life jacket. This Leland kit contains one 38-gram CO2 cylinder with a yellow bobbin, and step by step rearming instructions. Make sure to check your inflatable life jacket’s owner’s manual and the rearming kit ensuring they are a match. Using the wrong rearming kit can be dangerous.

Key Features:

  • Halkey-Roberts Automatic V95000 Rearming Kit
  • Includes one 38-gram CO2 cylinder, yellow bobbin
  • ½” threaded cylinder

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
george piva
Leland inflatable life jacket

Great fitting very comfortable it’s only drawback trying to get a 38g rearming kits nearly impossible to find

Quick Delivery

Worked well, this was the only place I could find this rearming kit

John Jeffrey
Great Fitting Parts

The parts fit great!! Bought 3 of the kits to replace my first one as it is older. Now I have 2 back up replacements. This was the only place I was able to find them at this time!

Mike Wilson
problems solved

When I ordered the kit they sent the wrong one, but after a phone call it was resolved. They sent me a return label and the proper rearming kit, so I'm happy with the transaction. Even with that I will give them 5 stars.