MUSTANG SURVIVAL HIT™ Inflatable Life Jacket for Law Enforcement (Auto Hydrostatic)

MUSTANG SURVIVAL HIT™ Inflatable Life Jacket for Law Enforcement (Auto Hydrostatic)

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Name Value
Best Use Coastal
Buoyancy 34 Pounds
Closure Type Buckles
Color Navy/Black
Hardware Delrin Buckle
Material Nylon
Size Adult
Type Automatically Inflatable
USCG Approved Type V: Special Use
Warranty Details Two Years
With Harness Without Harness
USCG Type Type V: Special Use

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Mustang Survival designed their HIT™ Inflatable Life Jacket for Law Enforcement with enhanced safety measures and minimal maintenance to meet the challenges of demanding users!

Mustang Survival’s most popular inflatable features convenient safety measures in a comfortable, low-profile design that can be worn in conjunction with your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the most severe marine environments. Maintenance free for five years, the HIT™ inflatable will turn unconscious wearers face up and go unnoticed while you perform rigorous activities thanks to its lightweight design.

Automatic Inflatable

Designed to automatically inflate when submerged in 4 inches or more of water, their Hydrostatic Inflator Technology will not prematurely inflate due to rain, spray, or humidity. Designed for use in severe weather, the HIT™ offers reliable, low maintenance inflation. The built-in, arming status window shows green when your inflator is properly armed and ready to use.

You will want to visually inspect your life jacket for leaks, rips, holes, or tears between uses and examine the indicator window ensuring it is green and not red. If red, the mechanism requires service and you will need to rearm your life jacket. Rearm with a Mustang Survival Auto-Hydrostatic 33g Rearming Kit C (sold separately). In case of emergency or malfunction, manually inflate this life jacket by pulling the yellow lanyard tab or by blowing in the oral inflation tube.


Inflatable life jackets are designed to be lightweight and low profile offering maximum mobility. This feature minimizes bulk so it fits well over your rash guard or offshore jacket. As Mustang Survival’s most popular inflatable, the HIT™ can also be comfortably worn over your PPE. With its freedom of movement, you can wear this life jacket for extended periods of time without noticing it. A neoprene collar adds extra comfort for long days of wear. With its single buckle design, it is easy to don on and off as well.


Constructed from durable 410-Denier nylon and heavy-duty polyurethane coated nylon material, this Inflatable life jacket was built for use in all weather conditions. Featuring a patented SecureZip™ closure system around the bladder to ensure the life jacket will not inflate during rigorous activity, but will open effortlessly when submerged in water. The backflap can be silkscreened for agency identification and SOLAS-grade reflective tape on the bladder increases visibility in hazardous conditions.

Key Features

  • Backflap can be silk screened to identify your department
  • Neoprene collar for added comfort
  • Inflator is maintenance free for 5 years from date of manufacture
  • SecureZip™ closure system ensures bladder will not inflate during rigorous activity
  • Arming status window shows green to indicate your inflator is ready to use
  • Fits a wide range of chest sizes from 30"-52"
  • Cylinder is contained inside bladder for protection from corrosion
  • Approved for use by individuals 16 years and older weighing 80 pounds or more
  • Durable nylon construction for long-lasting use
  • Attached emergency whistle on bladder
  • Strobe light holder for attaching light
  • SOLAS-grade reflective tape on bladder for increased visibility
  • D-Ring for kill-switch attachment

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