PETTIT PAINT ViViD Bright Colored Hybrid Antifouling Paint

PETTIT PAINT ViViD Bright Colored Hybrid Antifouling Paint

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Name Value
Aluminum Safe Aluminum Safe (with proper primers)
Anti-Slime Additive Zinc Omadine
Biocide Cuprous Thiocyanate
Color Varies Upon Selection
Copper Free Not Copper Free
Coverage 440 Square Feet/Gallon
Cure Time To Overcoat: 4-16 Hours; To Launch: 16-48 Hours
Capacity 1 Gallon
Type Hybrid

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Brighten your boat with multi-season antifouling protection that lasts!

Neither an ablative, nor a hard-epoxy paint, Vivid® is a bright-colored, hybrid that combines the qualities of both to provide multi-season protection against marine growth. Unlike hard epoxy paints, hulls protected with Vivid can be hauled and re-launched without loss of effectiveness.

 Attractive colors and abrasion resistance make Vivid a great choice for trailered boats whose owners want to look sharp while not having to worry about their trailer bunks rubbing the paint off. Sailboat racers appreciate the fact that Vivid can be burnished ultra smooth.

When used with the recommended priming system, Vivid can safely be applied to aluminum hulls and outdrives without fear of galvanic corrosion. Along with Cuprous thiocyanate as the primary biocide, Vivid also contains Zinc pyrithione to prevent slime.

We offer Vivid in six basic bright colors: Red, Blue, Black, Green, Yellow and White. Basic colors can be mixed to create a custom color of your choice. 


Key Features

  • Offered in six bright colors
  • Basic colors can be mixed to create a custom color
  • Resists build up for less sanding at haulout
  • Resists abrasion
  • Dual biocides protect against hard and soft growth
  • Can be burnished smooth

Physical Data

  • Type: Dual-resin, hybrid hard/ablative
  • Finish: Flat
  • Available colors: White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Black
  • Components: 1
  • Curing mechanism: Solvent Release
  • Solids by weight (Theoretical): 83 +/- 2%
  • Solids by Volume (Theoretical): 65 +/- 2%
  • Coverage: 440sq.ft./gal.
  • VOC: 330 grams/liter (Max) (as supplied)
  • Active ingredients: 25% Cuprous thiocyanate, Zinc pyrithione 2.50%
  • Flash point: 110°F (SETA)


  • Application Method: Brush, roller, airless or conventional spray
  • Number of coats recommended: 2 or 3
  • Dry Film Thickness: 2 mils
  • Wet Film Thickness: 3.1 mils 
  • Applicator: High-quality short nap roller (maximum 3/16” nap)
  • Application temperature: Min./Max. Range: 50° F. Min/90°F. Max
  • Thinner: Special Thinner 120, Model 249961; Spray: 121 Spraying Thinner, Model 249995

Drying times*(Hours)


Drying @50°F @70°F @90°F
To recoat 16 hr. 8 hr. 4 hr.
To launch 48 hr. 24 hr. 16 hr.


*The above dry times are minimums. May be recorded after the minimum time shown. There is no maximum dry time before launching.

Get the right amount of paint


Boat Type Bottom Paint
10' Dinghy 1 qt.
14' Outboard 1-2 qt.
18' Runabout 2 qt.
20' Sailboat 3 qt.
24' Runabout 3-4 qt.
30' Sailboat 1.5 gal.
32' Cruiser 1.5-2 gal.
36' Auxiliary 2 gal.
40' Cruiser 2.5 gal.
45' Sailboat 3-3.5 gal
50' Sportfisher 4+ gal.


Another way to determine bottom paint quantity is to estimate the approximate surface area of the hull below the waterline, using the following formula:

Length x Beam x .75 = Approximate underwater surface area in square feet.

Each paint has a “theoretical coverage” area, but most paints require at least two coats, so you can expect actual coverage to be no greater than half of the theoretical value.

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