Whats New With the New Nss Evo 3 S

Simrads New Nss Evo 3 S is currently the newest and best chart plotters/ Fish finders Simrad has released. These units are currently available in 9, 12 ,16 inch screens. The NSO series where released before the Evo 3 S and are only available for larger units like the the NSO 19 and 24. The new Evo 3 S units are better than the former Evo 3. Simrad originally was only for commercial use and as of recently has integrated into recreational industry now serving both the Commercial and recreational market. Simrad is currently one of the best units for fishing and cruising. Click here to Shop and Save Now up to $800 on the New Simrads: dbmarinesupplies.com/collections/simrad

The Best Processing Power Ever

The New Nss Evo 3 S has the new IMX8 processor which is 2X faster and allows for quicker transitions, faster page loading time, and quicker chart updates. This allows you to now have 6 panels at a time instead of 4 panels in the 12 and 16 inch units because of the better processor.

Preloaded With the Best Charts

The New Evo 3 S comes preloaded with improved US charts and C-Map reveal for Florida. The US Charts are improved high resolution inland and coastal coverage, Easy Routing™ capability and C-MAP Reveal Florida layer. This allows you to see 1 ft contours allowing you to find new rock piles, ledges and other structures you never even knew about before. This unit is also compatible with C-MAP®, Navionics®, CMOR, Florida Marine Tracks and more.

Better Sonar Preformance

Built-in support for Active Imaging™ with CHIRP, SideScan and DownScan Imaging™,ForwardScan® and
more – plus plug-in. This allows you to see a clearer picture of what's below your boat. This is done by connecting multiple transducers together with dual transducer port to a single display that allows you to have a clearer image on your screen.


Key Features:

  • Built-in CHIRP Sonar
  •  New high-resolution, preloaded US Charts with C-MAP Reveal Florida layer
  •  Improved boating experience with the new iMX8 processor
  • High-resolution SolarMAX™ IPS Displays
  •  HALO™ Radar compatibility
  •  FLIR IP Camera Support
  • •WM-4 SiriusXM® Weather/Audio
  •  Fast and simple networking
  •  Wireless connnectivity to smartphones/tablets

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