Why this that knot is so critical to know (Albright Knot)

The albright knot is a very effective fishing knot. This knot is easy to learn, very strong and small. This is a very good knot to connect line to line. It is often used for mono to mono, braid to mono, braid to wire, mono to fluorocarbon, braid to fluorocarbon, and mono to braid. This is an easy to tie knot that can be tied very easily. This video shows how to tie an albright knot. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIvZANK56O0&t=43) When you finish tying the knot make sure to cut your ends so your line will go through the guides easier.  This is also an important knot to know if you buy D&B kingfish rigs because they do not come with a swivel.

The Major Advantages of the Albright Knot:

Using Lures Around Structure: When you use a lure or some other type of artificial bait, being able to have your lure closer to your rod tip will allow you to cast under structures like docks, trees, and bridges easier.  You will be able to cast your lure further under the structure where the fish may be. This will help you to catch more fish. Also, this will also improve your casting accuracy because you won’t need to use a swivel that will dramatically affect your cast. In addition, you can use a longer leader without it affecting your cast; this way you can catch more fish without being broken off on the structure. With an albright knot you will be able to cast further, so you may be able to skip a lure further under a structure.  


Casting Lures Offshore: Using lures can be a great way to catch big game fish, especially if you can't catch bait. The albright knot can be used for casting a lure very effectively. When you are casting a lure for game fish, having a long leader is important to entice a bite from game fish, and using a swivel will make it much harder to cast.  However, when you use the albright knot casting is much easier, and it can go through your guides on your rod very smoothly. This will improve your casting accuracy if you are sight fishing. When casting around a school of bait, accuracy is important when trying to place your lure in the right spot to get the bite. Also, when you are fishing a weedline or some other floating structure, casting your bait in the right spot so it goes in the strike zone is very important. Again, with an albright knot you can use a longer leader that often leads you to get the bite.  In addition, if you are just merrily casting a lure in an area that you know fish are there using the albright allows you to cast further. 

Trolling Lures Offshore: Trolling with artificial lures is the great way to put a lot of fish in the boat, while also covering a lot of ground. Many people who are trolling with lures offshore will use swivels and planners. In these cases, the albright knot might not be needed for this type of fishing.  However, when I troll with lures offshore I like having a long leader usually about 25 ft and using an albright knot to connect the leader to my main line. Then I connect my leader to my lure with a regular knot. I normally don't like using swivels because they might get bit by other fish because it is shiny and sometimes I believe having a swivel near my bait may cost a bite. Also, I like using a long leader, so I can't have a swivel connecting my leader to my main line.  Although, when I am trolling for grouper, I will attach a swivel to the ring on my lure to be able to change lures more easily and quickly.

Casting Live Bait: Just like when you are casting a lure, having a long leader for when you're using live bait is important to catch more fish. Using an albright knot and having a longer leader without having your cast messed up from a swivel is crucial. Now, you are able to put your bait in the strike zone and get the bite. You have the ability to cast your bait further. This means you can cast it further under a structure.  If there is a big bait ball on the surface, and you don't want to spook them, you can cast further away. Also if you are mahi fishing weedline you can cast further along the weedline where the mahi might be.

Trolling, Drifting, or Anchoring with Live Bait: In any of these situations, when you are using live bait, using a swivel still may not be the best option when using a long leader. In any of these situations, if you have a big fish, you can reel down to the fish, and if the fish makes a run, you won't have to worry about your swivel getting stuck in one of the guides and popping the fish off. Also, because you can cast further you can set out a spread when trolling faster or when you are anchoring or drifting.  You can put more lines out faster, leading to you to maximize your fishing time.


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