Egis XD Series Triple Flex 2 Relay-ACR-Relay w/Knobs  3X DTM Connector [8830-1535]

Egis XD Series Triple Flex 2 Relay-ACR-Relay w/Knobs 3X DTM Connector [8830-1535]

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XD Series Triple Flex 2 Relay-ACR-Relay with Knobs & 3X DTM Connector

The Egis relay replaces three individual high-amp relays with one compact module, reducing space significantly, eliminating the cost of external link cable connections, eliminating the risk of link cable connections vibrating loose, and providing clear, unambiguous awareness of how to operate manual controls and what state the manual controls have forced the relay into.


  • Designed to replicate common multi-battery switching and charge management functions - common dual battery load switching via the outer relays and a central automatic charging relay to share charge current are easily implemented
  • Multiple automatic charging relays (ACR) into one device - for 3-4 battery systems that require 2 or 3 ACRs, a single three-relay ACR provides drastic improvements in off-state quiescent current draw, space used, and reduces unnecessary interconnection cables
  • Expandable with link and cross-link busbars to additional dual, triple, or single XD relays - supports 3 or 4 battery systems with standard busbar interconnect accessories


  • Bullet-proof construction - sealed to IP67/IP6K9K, high temperature electronics and materials allow mounting anywhere; stainless steel cable lug studs; large mounting holes accept 1/4-20 / M6 attachment hardware
  • Intuitive manual control option simplifies operation and increases awareness of the state of the manual override and whether the device is being left in a locked-off or locked-on state (not available on competitive solutions)
  • Simple programming via dip switches gives each relay function significant flexibility for OEMs and installers.
  • 35-75% reduction in mounting space and product weight via advanced bi-stable solenoid design and multiple solenoid assemblies that replace common electrical system layouts
  • Plug and play compatible with legacy competitor products - single, dual, and triple relay options are available with DTM/ATM connector pins compatible with ML Series bi-stable relays (This relay has 3x DTM connectors)
  • 90-95% less off-state current compared to competitive products and system solutions that require multiple devices for similar functionality


  • Total Continuous Current Amps: 500
  • Max Cranking Current (Amps): 1500
  • Mechanical Switching Life: 1,000,000 Cycles
  • Voltage Range (VDC): 8-36
  • Off-State Current Draw (mA): 1.3
  • State Change Current: 5A @ 12 VDC; 3A @ 24 VDC

Focal Features:

Led Status Display

The easy-to-see front-facing LED indicator provides visual device status, and the remote LED replicates the local on-device LED. 

3-Position Manual override

Force each relay open or closed, and optionally leave the knob in either position to lock the relay in either condition. 

40 Circuit Label Sheet Included

Convenient recesses for the included weatherproof label set make circuit and relay identification easy. Blank labels for custom applications. 

Protective Cover included

Protects terminal studs and cable terminal edges from inadvertent shorts to each other or ground. 

Stainless Hardware 

Corrosion is no issue with quality stainless steel studs and self-locking flanged nuts.


Via dip switches located under the protective cover. An easy-to-use configuration guide on the reverse makes custom settings a breeze to configure for a wide variety of applications. 

Smaller Footprint

XD relays offer a high amp rating in a smaller package than competitive solutions, reducing installation space requirements to a minimum. 

Integrated Vent

High-quality Gortex vents regulate internal device pressure to eliminate moisture entry across seals and ensure long product life in harsh environments.

Quick Guide (pdf)

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