PETTIT PAINT Prop Coat Barnacle Barrier

PETTIT PAINT Prop Coat Barnacle Barrier

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Name Value
Aluminum Safe Aluminum Safe
Anti-Slime Additive None
Biocide Zinc
Color Gray
Copper Free Copper Free
Coverage 10 Square Feet/Per Can
Cure Time To Overcoat: 1/2-2 Hours; To Launch: 16-48 Hours
Capacity 16 Ounces
Type Aerosol Zinc Coating

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Pettit's Prop Coat, with a high zinc content protects underwater metals against corrosion.

Use on transducers and bare metals including steel, stainless steel, cast iron, copper, bronze, galvanized steel, and lead. Bonds to underwater metals and running gear and inhibits corrosion. Use to create a hard, smooth, flat gray finish that self-cleans in service. Can be used above or below the waterline. 16oz. aerosol.

Key Features

  • Protects underwater metals against corrosion 
  • Extreme adhesion to clean metals 
  • Dried paint film contains the highest amount of pure zinc available
  • Fast-dry formula in an easy to use aerosol spray can

Physical Data

  • Type: Zinc in modified epoxy base 
  • Finish: Flat  
  • Available Colors: Gray  
  • Components: 1
  • Curing Mechanism: Solvent release 
  • Coverage: 10 sq. ft/16 oz. spray can
  • VOC: 60% max
  • Active Ingredients:  Zinc in modified epoxy base
  • Flash Point: None


  • Application Method: Aerosol Spray 
  • Number of Coats Recommended: 2 or 3 Do not apply more than three coats
  • Dry Film Thickness/coat: 1.5 mils
  • Application Temperature Min./Max. Range: 50° F. Min. 90° F. Max. 
  • Thinner: Cleanup with 120 Thinner, 

    Drying Times  (Hours)

    Drying @50°F @70°F @90°F
    To recoat   2  1   1/2 
    To launch  48   24   16 


Mfg. # 1179320

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